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    1. Select 2018 Semester One ATAR Papers

    These are now available as past papers - see below.

    Semester One Papers SubTotal $0.00

    Notes: 2018 Semester One ATAR papers

    These papers can now be returned to students.


    2. Select 2018 Semester Two ATAR Papers

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    Semester Two ATAR Papers N RPS T Cost
    Yr11 Math Applications Units 1&2 0.00
    Yr11 Math Methods Units 1&2 0.00
    Yr11 Math Specialist Units 1&2 0.00
    Yr12 Math Applications Units 3&4 0.00
    Yr12 Math Methods Units 3&4 0.00
    Yr12 Math Specialist Units 3&4 0.00



    Semester Two Papers SubTotal $0.00

    Notes: 2018 Semester Two ATAR papers

    Premium paper option is selected by default in green column. If you de-select this option for a paper, the regular paper price will apply. By choosing the Premium paper option, you can be certain more than half of the questions in the paper we supply your school will be different to those that we supply to any other randomly chosen school. View our premium paper info.

    Not required papers are shown in grey column.

    Regular papers selected in blue column qualify for quantity discounts.

    Small course enrolment pricing applies to papers selected in pink column - prices depend on number of students enrolled in course, selected in pink column T.

    Note that only one type of discount, quantity or small enrolment, applies per paper.

    Our default delivery option is for all papers to be downloaded via a link emailed to you. Semester Papers can also be sent on a CD to schools within Australia via regular mail for an additional $25, to cover postage and handling.

    Semester papers are supplied digitally as editable Word documents.

    View Semester Paper Pricing (prices include GST).


    3. Select Past ATAR Papers

    Check our pop up pricing guide for discount info.

    Unlock additional small school discounts for past papers if your school has a small Year 12 enrolment. Select the number of Year 12s at your school:

    Past ATAR papers Paper info 18 17 16 15 A B C
    Yr11 Math Applications Unit 1
    Yr11 Math Applications Units 1&2
    Yr12 Math Applications Unit 3
    Yr12 Math Applications Units 3&4
    Yr11 Math Methods Unit 1
    Yr11 Math Methods Units 1&2
    Yr12 Math Methods Unit 3
    Yr12 Math Methods Units 3&4
    Yr11 Math Specialist Unit 1
    Yr11 Math Specialist Units 1&2
    Yr12 Math Specialist Unit 3
    Yr12 Math Specialist Units 3&4

    0 past papers at $39.00 each   SubTotal $0.00

    Notes: Past ATAR papers

    Numbered column headings indicate the year papers were used by schools as semester exams. Papers in columns A, B, and C were written in 2015/16 for use as practice papers for the current courses. (Note that single unit papers A and B were orginally labelled D and E).

    Unit 1 and Unit 3 papers examine content from just those units, typically taught in Semester One. Units 1&2 and Units 3&4 papers examine content from both units taught over the whole year, with an equal weighting to content from both units.

    3-4-2 offer - we have three different versions of math exams with blue coloured checkboxes. If you check the 3-4-2 offer, we will supply all three versions of blue checkbox exams for the price of two.

    Papers marked ✘ are not available.

    Past papers are supplied digitally in pdf format.

    View Past Paper Pricing (prices include GST).


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    Once your order has been submitted, our office staff will double check the pricing in case we can find more savings for you.

    If your school is not located within Australia, we will remove the 10% Goods and Services Tax included in the order total.


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