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Past ATAR papers Paper info 17 16 15 A B C
Yr11 Math Applications Unit 1
Yr11 Math Applications Units 1&2
Yr12 Math Applications Unit 3
Yr12 Math Applications Units 3&4
Yr11 Math Methods Unit 1
Yr11 Math Methods Units 1&2
Yr12 Math Methods Unit 3
Yr12 Math Methods Units 3&4
Yr11 Math Specialist Unit 1
Yr11 Math Specialist Units 1&2
Yr12 Math Specialist Unit 3
Yr12 Math Specialist Units 3&4
Yr11 English Unit 1
Yr11 English Units 1&2
Yr12 English Unit 3
Yr12 English Units 3&4
Yr11 Literature Unit 1
Yr11 Literature Units 1&2
Yr12 Literature Unit 3
Yr12 Literature Units 3&4

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Notes: Past ATAR papers

Numbered column headings indicate the year papers were used by schools as semester exams. Papers in columns A, B, and C were written in 2015/16 for use as practice papers for the current courses. (Note that single unit papers A and B were orginally labelled D and E).

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