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SCSA has advised that all materials used as primary texts in Literature must appear in their expanded text list - a poorly formatted spreadsheet hosted on their site. We've made this page to make your search much easier. Our database contains all poetry, drama, novels and short story authors and titles from the SCSA spreadsheet with enhancements to make searching a breeze - fingers crossed you find your text here!

Tip 1: When searching for an author, just use a few characters from first or last name. Beware of misspelt names - SCSA don't seem to have run any quality control over authors or titles in the expanded text list. (e.g. William Shapespeare, Walter Ralegh, etc.)

Tip 2: When searching for a title, skip words like 'a', 'the' and 'to' at the start of title - search instead for keywords within the title. Also search for common misspellings.

Tip 3: Type slowly to allow time for search results to appear and hover over or tap on a result for more information.

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